25 Contradictions

1. Insist tolerance is the highest virtue, and refuse to tolerate any other view of virtue.

2. Tell men they are hairless apes, then tell them rape is wrong.

3. Call the advent of earth an a-moral chance event, and fight for renewable energies.

4. Call humankind a meaningless product of evolution, and force people to obey laws.

5. Deny the law of non-contradiction, and use language and argumentation to defend your position.

6. Argue for tolerance, while refusing to tolerate the view that tolerance is evil.

7. Preach feminism, while denying the inherent value of humanity.

8. Fight to protect sea-turtle eggs, and fight to protect the “right” of society to kill babies.

9. Pretend there is no purpose, meaning, or reason for life, then insist on certain policies, procedures, and beliefs regarding life.

10. Deny the existence of moral absolutes, and insist that others accept your idea of morality.

11. Refuse to acknowledge an ethical basis other than culture, and try to change culture “for the better."

12. All animals are equal, pigs are more equal.

13. Tell children they are hairless apes, then tell them school shootings are wrong.

14. Say consciousness is only an illusion of brain chemistry, but care about anything at all.

15. Fight for progress, but deny the existence of ultimate direction.

16. Strive to leave a better world behind, but deny the reality of good and evil.

17. Tell people to follow this rule: “don't tell other people how to live their life."

18. Preach to people about not preaching to people.

19. Deny the idea of goodness, acknowledge evil.

20. Teach evolution, the survival of the fittest, and natural selection; legislate ADA and safety regulations.

21. Argue for a meaningless universe, tell people why it matters.

22. Say marriage is not so special or spiritual, insist that churches offer it to homosexuals.

23. Deny non-material reality, believe in “rights."

24. Frame gender as a “social construct,” and tell people their kids can be born the wrong sex for their gender identity.

25. Deny non-material reality, believe in anything.

Do you especially agree or disagree with any of these? Can you think of any other contradictions our society is building itself around? We would love to read your comments below!