Day 12, Proverbs 12:1

"Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, But he who hates reproof is stupid." Pr. 12:1, NASB.

This is one of the key themes of the Proverbs. Wise people love whatever makes them wiser, while foolish people despise and reject learning opportunities.

The issue here has to do with humility and perspective. A wise person is humble enough to accept discipline in all its forms - because he/she knows there is room to grow, change, develop. The "stupid" person (I love the frank translation from NASB) hates to be reproved, instructed, or disciplined - because they view themselves as "better than that."

The word translated "discipline" here could also be "instruction." Do you seek to love knowledge and wisdom? Do you want to be a better person next week than you are now? Do you want to be wise? Then seek out, accept, and learn to love discipline and instruction.

Today, the first day of the work week, let's go about our work as wise people; let's accept reproof and instruction with humility and gratitude. Even when the instruction seems below us, or unnecessary, let's get whatever we can from each opportunity. Because that's what instruction, reproof, and discipline are all about: growth.