Day 18, Proverbs 18:2

Proverbs 18:2

A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion. ESV

What do you take pleasure in? What delights you?  As we compare our lives to this Proverb, we would do well to consider the many places we interact with others: our social media; our conversations at work, or at home; what we do when we read a book; how we interact with friends, and on and on.

Another way to understand the question is this:

Do you listen well?

Do you listen for understanding? 

This applies to every form of listening - from watching, to reading, to normal conversation, to lecture, and dare I say, even to prayer. When you come to the dialogue table, in any form, do you bring a desire to listen and understand, or to express your own opinion? What delights you?

The irony is, of course, when we come to the conversation eager to understand - eager to take something, rather than to give - then we are wise, humble, even selfless. I want to train my desires to enjoy something that gives me benefit: listening for understanding.

The point of assessing my life against the Proverbs is to discern where/if/how I lack wisdom - skill for life. The point is to look at the mirror of Scripture, and thereby learn where I need to change, and obey. If I want to be wise, I need to cultivate the small, daily habits and attitudes of wisdom.

Habits like listening to understand.

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