Day 2, Proverbs 2:6

"For the LORD gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding;" Pr. 2:6, ESV.

Legacy Humankind is dedicated to the pursuit of wisdom - the art of living well. You may notice that most of the content here is also unashamedly Christian. The reason for that is given in the verse above: Wisdom comes from God. 

If you want to grow in wisdom, in aptitude for life, in your ability to make good choices that bring life, prosperity, and joy, you have a simple choice to make: choose folly, or choose to listen to what God has said - because wisdom comes from his mouth.

Let's skip the wrestling and fighting, and just start at the source, ad fontes. Let's seek wisdom from God. Wisdom is about worldview meeting daily choices. It seems fairly obvious that the best place to get your worldview is from the one who created the world. That's why we seek a biblical worldview. That's why we seek wisdom from the Bible.

Today, ask yourself this: are you clinging to any aspect of your worldview that simply go against what Scripture presents? Are you going to tenaciously hang on, or will you let go, and start understanding, start believing, the way things really are, according to the one who made them?

Will you choose to listen to wisdom, even wisdom from the mouth of God?

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