Day 28, Proverbs 28:23

Proverbs 28:23

"Whoever rebukes a man will afterward find more favor than he who flatters with his tongue." ESV

What a fitting follow-up to yesterday's Proverb. I suspect we spend too much time ignoring the folly of our friends. We justify for them, we pretend not to notice, we act like we are not worthy to reprove them, and on and on we go down a litany of excuses. We would be better spending our mental energies in prayer, and considering how to tactfully offer whatever hard words are necessary. 

If our friends are worthy people, and not fools, they will ultimately listen, and even hear what we have to say. In fact, if our friends be wise, they will thank us for offering a needful rebuke - if not at first, then eventually. Sometimes, when we have passport in someone's life, our silence in the face of folly can turn into complicity.

If you are still afraid of their reaction, think about what Matthew Henry wrote about this Proverb:

He that cries out against his surgeon for hurting him when he is searching his wound will yet pay him well, and thank him too, when he has cured it.

Don't let fear make you a flatterer. Be bold, be loving, and when the time is right, be a surgeon.

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