Egalitarian God. Proverbs 22:2

Proverbs 22:2

“The rich and the poor meet together; the LORD is the Maker of them all.” ESV

In some senses, God is the original egalitarian. That is, with God there is no class, no special privilege based on birth or wealth, no “leg-up.” That is why Paul says all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. All people are equally guilty before the Living God. That is a part of the human legacy. We have all inherited a place in the great cosmic rebellion – whether rich or poor, you are guilty of high treason against the cosmic emperor. That is what you have received from your fathers, and that is your legacy to leave to your children.

Likewise, all people share the dignity of being created by God. More than that, humans have been made in his image. The poorest beggar standing by the off-ramp is created in God's image, designed to be a prince over the world, just as much as the richest and most influential CEO. They may or may not be fulfilling their role equally, but one thing is certainly equal: God created them both, sustains them both, and will judge them both. The human legacy is more than rebellion and condemnation. The human legacy is also one of imago dei – bearing God's image, ruling the earth as his vice-regents. Dominion.

Whether you are rich or poor, whether you make $7/hour or $700, you were created by God to take part in ruling the world. And likewise you are guilty of participating in the great treason of the ages, of trying to depose God and assume his throne for yourself. Yes, in God's economy, some things are totally equal.