The Shore of God's New World

In that day, bright and happy,
this pain we'll feel no more.
Sickness, grief, and mis’ry
are banished from that shore;

That shore of God's new world,
where sinners go to rest.
At streams of milk and honey,
our hunger we will test.

Know you the aching hunger
to see God face to face?
To finally find yourself
a satisfying place?

To Abraham He promised,
to Isaac it would come,
yet Jacob never knew it,
in full and total sum.

By death the promise lives on,
for death the promise brought.
Death broke all that was broken,
and death our life has wrought.

Oh, how I long to know sleep!
That sleep which is the end.
And sleeping, to awaken,
And waking, to ascend.

This world looks dark and misty,
through broken, blinded eyes.
We sit and watch the shadows,
acting out our lies.

Here, joy is filled with longing;
Memory spells regret.
Our days remain uncertain,
With grief and loss beset.


In that day, bright and happy,
the face of God we’ll see.
At last to walk in newness,
and eat of that first tree.